Common Misconceptions about WordPress You Must Know

Well, we all know how WordPress is popular among developers to create a website. It’s the most preferred CMS platform for many people as it is easy to install and use. It offers almost all services from selecting the design, website flow, Website functionalities to publishing it, which means it’s the one-stop solution for your entire website development requirement.

However, there are many misconceptions among the users about WordPress and if you are planning to develop a website for you or for your business then those misconceptions may lead you to major confusion. These myths or misconceptions drive people towards the wrong path and they won’t be able to use WordPress functionality properly and waste money on other technologies. Undeniably, appearance is something that matters a lot to impress the customers and it is easier to create a fully custom and user-friendly design in WordPress. 

Whether you are looking for the best free WordPress blog theme or an eCommerce Theme, It is hard to choose one theme from thousands of themes available in the market. But it is always good to invest some time before starting a website as you can not afford to go wrong in theme selection as your website will affect your business revenue for many coming years. Therefore, you should not be influenced by those myths and don’t let them affect the development of your website. So, as a prime custom WordPress development services provider, we would love to clarify some points so that can help you make the best decision while developing a website.

01. WordPress is NOT ‘Just for the blogging

One of the biggest myths that people have about WordPress is that they consider it as a blogging tool or a content management system that can create blogging websites only. It is not 100% wrong as WordPress was first released as a blogging tool only but later on, with a lot of updates and changes, it becomes a CMS that can create every type of website for almost all industries.

The modern premium and free WordPress Themes give an alluring appearance to your website and plugins adds more functionalities that help to create a unique and feature-rich website, portfolio, and of course blogs as well. WordPress is so famous that more than 40% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

Be it an eCommerce website, a magazine website, or a business website, all websites can be easily built with WordPress along with the blog as well. Therefore, don’t limit the use of WordPress for your website as it’s a vast platform and provides myriads of services at an affordable rate. You just need to make sure that you select a good WordPress development services provider. 

02. Only for beginners

Another biggest misconception about this platform is that it’s easy to use and free of cost so it should only be created for beginners. One who doesn’t know about CSS, HTML, and other programming languages will prefer this platform.

However, the fact is that WordPress never limits the use of the platform. Many professional web design and development services providers use the best-selling WordPress themes and plugins to develop a website as they know the power of WordPress.

It’s true that beginners can easily use this platform without having much technical knowledge but expert developers also use it to make necessary modifications with their skills. Hence, it’s not only for the beginners but also for the experienced developers and they also prefer this as well.

03. Isn’t a secure platform

People believe that WordPress is unable to provide better security to the website or blogs which we create from this platform. However, the fact is that it never fails to give the best possible security to any website.

In today’s world, no custom WordPress development company can ensure full security for any website but the advantage of going with WordPress is that there are multiple security plugins available and that can be added to your website to enhance its security. 

Along with that, you can set a strong password to protect it from the hacker, this is the step which users need to follow, WordPress is giving every possible service to make it secure. This open-source tool lets you see all the security code and identify the error and can resolve it.

04. It doesn’t have support

As it’s an open-source platform so you might have doubt that they won’t give you a satisfying assistance. But the scenario is reverse actually, WordPress is backed by one of the largest tech communities and they are very active to give any kind of support to their users.

Online forums, tutorials, guides on how to use WordPress themes, and various plugins are available to help you at any point of time. Moreover, we know that WordPress is used globally and a lot of people are associated with it, so they will also help you in case if you require it.

With tons of resources and public involvement will surely get your issue resolved promptly. Thus, it’s very much beneficial to build a website in WordPress and you don’t need to hesitate to start with this platform thinking that you won’t get any help, WordPress gives many ways to assist you.

05. Not suitable for eCommerce

Well, WordPress is suitable for all types of websites. It’s true that earlier it was difficult to develop an eCommerce site from WordPress but today there are plenty of best-selling WordPress eCommerce themes available.

Now, it’s very easy to start an online store with all the features and functionalities for shopping. Best eCommerce WordPress theme gives an appealing appearance whereas plugins let you add any type of features you want to add. WooCommerce, the most famous plugin that every WordPress developer is aware of will fulfill your each and every requirement. Hence, it’s the perfect tool to build any type of eCommerce website and start an online store. 

So, it is a wise decision to develop a website in WordPress. 8therate is a leading provider of custom WordPress website development for many years and can develop an exceptional, future-ready, and niche-focused website for your business.
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