WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist For 2023

Hey, are you running a WordPress website or blog?

If yes, this guide is for you!

We are here with an easy-to-follow eight crucial WordPress maintenance tasks checklist that you must frequently execute to maintain your site’s health.

If you’re technically strong, you can perform these tasks on your own or hire WordPress website development services or a website maintenance service provider, whichever best suits you.

So, without any delay, let’s check out our most simplified guide on maintaining your WP site effortlessly!

WordPress Site Maintenance Tasks’ List

#1. Moderate Your WordPress Security

The most concerning realm for any website holder is its security. Isn’t it?

The first and foremost task to maintain WordPress website is to make its security plan and follow it accordingly.

As a custom WordPress development services provider, we recommend that website security be your top-notch priority.

A small malicious activity may make you lose your full-fledged business, backlist your website, or data loss.

Hopefully, WordPress offers endless ways to secure your WordPress website from hackers!

Various WordPress security plugins can easily shield your site from harmful activities hackers perform.

Also, don’t forget to make your website login secure, and it’s also recommended to upgrade your site themes and plugins as and when any new update pops up.

So, take the first step with defining a website security checklist and accomplish them at the earliest!

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#2. Frequent Backups of WordPress Site

The website doesn’t only showcase your services, products, or other information; it’s an online identity that represents your business in front of prospects!

The website becomes more crucial when it’s one of the most important areas to gain more business. Agree?

So, it’s equally important to frequently back up your website data to reduce the risk of losing your precious data.

Today, we have seen many clients who usually don’t emphasize their website backup; however, they understand its importance when their websites get hacked, and their entire data is wiped out.

Unfortunately, they left behind time!

We at 8therate consider website backup a crucial element of our web design and development services.

When we talk about WordPress website backup, it’s really sorted due to the availability of various WordPress backup plugins like WPvivid, Duplicator, All-in-One WP Migration, and many more.

Or else you can also host your WordPress website on a hosting server that supports auto backups, for example, GoDaddy – Managed WordPress Hosting.

#3. Prioritize WordPress Website Speed & Performance

Website speed is crucial for a website’s user experience and search engine optimization.

Poor website loading speed is one of the biggest reasons behind the highest bounce rate and lowest dwell time of any website. Agree?

Optimizing site loading speed and performance should be considered one of the important elements of your website maintenance checklist.

If your website is on WordPress, it’s easy for you to optimize its speed using various tools and plugins such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, etc.

Moreover, WordPress’ plugin library also offers outstanding image optimization plugins, including reSmush.it, ShortPixel Image Optimizer, WP Smush, and many others.

All these WordPress plugins and/or tools make your WordPress maintenance experience quite seamless and effortless like never before!

#4. Update WordPress Version Every Time

Upgrading the WordPress version should be a foremost task in your website maintenance checklist.

WordPress releases version upgrades around twice a month, so it’s essential to look into them and upgrade them as and when any new version is released.

Generally, WordPress brings improvements, bug fixing, additional features, etc., with each newly upgraded version.

So, it’s one of the most crucial WordPress site maintenance tasks you must not avoid at any cost!

We always take care of upgrading the WordPress site of our clients, taking WordPress website maintenance services from us.

#5. Update WordPress Themes & Plugins

Updating your WordPress website theme and plugins used therein is as important as updating your WordPress core framework!

Usually, WP theme and plugin developers launch new features and functionality and also fix security and vulnerability issues by releasing updates in a particular interval of time.

It’s highly recommended to keep checking whether there is any new update, and if so, update your website themes and plugins immediately.

Today you can also opt for various WordPress plugins that make your themes and plugin update task fast and efficient without much hassle.

#6. Find & Fix Broken Links on Your WordPress Website

The broken link is a hidden loophole of any website, which seems like a minor issue, but it drastically affects the keyword ranking of your website on Google and other search engines. 

No matter how much time and money you spend on your website’s SEO activities, everything will be worthless if it consists of broken links, as it will not allow your WordPress site to rank on search engines.

The only solution to prevent your website from being trapped in this vulnerable issue is to run a broken link fixing campaign once in a while.

Today, tons of website audit tools are available in the market that easily scan and crawl websites and check for broken links, if there are any! You need to update those links with the actual ones!

Now, you must have understood the degree of its importance. Isn’t it?

So, don’t forget to add this to your WordPress maintenance tasks and execute it without fail.

#7. User Account Moderation

The moderation of user accounts is equally important, just like the moderation of admin accounts.

Hackers can easily get access to your WordPress website through the user accounts.

Thus, we at 8therate consider it as one of the crucial segments of our WordPress website maintenance service.

Let’s check out what our expert WordPress developers suggest to get rid of this issue:

– Your website should have a strong password policy for all user accounts.

– Get habituated to keeping a lengthy password.

– Keep changing your password time and again.

– Password should not match with other users’ accounts.

#8. Don’t Entertain Dormant Themes & Plugins 

Dormant or inactive themes and plugins are the most vulnerable area from which hackers can easily access your website and tamper with the same.

Generally, it has been seen that many of our clients download various themes and plugins and then don’t use them more than once or twice.

As all these resources remain dormant, many WordPress website holders forget to update them with their latest version release.

Ultimately, if any harmful activities are found in such inactive resources, it becomes an open resource for hackers to enter your website to perform malicious activities.

So, we at a leading WordPress website development services provider always remove inactive themes, plugins, or unnecessary resources from clients’ WP websites.

Final Thoughts:

Generally, it has been seen that many people evade the website maintenance checklist, especially if they are on WordPress. But if you are damn serious about your website and want to get huge traffic and business from it, making your website performance smooth and seamless is compulsory. At first glance, maintaining your WordPress site seems one of the most tedious tasks ever; however, with various WP plugins such as WP Remote and others, you can get rid of this maintenance checklist and easily focus on your business growth.