How can custom WordPress development services increase your online business

How can custom WordPress development services increase your online business in 2022?

This is a digital era and people are becoming lazy day by day as they don’t need to go outside of his/her place to avail services or purchase products. So, to be in the market for the long term, you should not consider only your neighbors or local vendors and service providers as your competitors. 

Whether you are in the product industry or service industry, many giants are expanding their businesses in these industries and it can affect your revenue heavily even if they are not present in your city/location physically because of their brand value and online presence.

Now, you might think that custom WordPress development services will cost you a huge amount so you might delay or drop the idea of creating a website. But, this is a high time to start the online presence as it will help you generate income that is not possible by covering only the offline market as well as it will help you create brand value on a limited budget as well.

Let me tell you one thing, website development is not that costly when it comes to WordPress. 

Here are some of the details that you should know

1. The best CMS available in the market right now

WordPress is the best CMS in the market right now and approx 40% of the total website available on the internet, are developed in WordPress so it is one of the most trusted CMS in the world.

2. What is WordPress and What can you create with WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system being used to develop websites & it is based on the PHP language and MySQL database. WordPress was started as a CMS to create blogging sites but it has grown a lot over time and today, it is an ideal CMS to create simple blogging websites to highly optimized eCommerce websites. 

3. Why should you go with WordPress?

When you plan to start a website for your business, your basic requirement should be an optimized website that has an order placing facility so you will be able to generate revenue from it. When you go with other options available in the market, either you will need to pay a monthly/annual fee or the website needs to be developed from scratch so it will become costly. So, how is it possible to get a website in WordPress with a limited budget? Because it has plugins and themes. 

  • What is a Theme?
  • A WordPress theme is a group of files, containing page layout and other details, that WordPress Web Development Services providers can use as a base to create your website. After using the theme, a company will just need to customize it as per your requirement so it saves a lot of time because it is not being developed from scratch.
  • What is a Plugin?
  • A plugin is a piece of software that is being used along with the theme to enhance the functionalities of your WordPress website. So, there is a possibility that a Custom WordPress development company finds a plugin that is the best fit for your website customization requirement and can save time, as they will not need to develop it from scratch, & ultimately the cost. 

So, compared to other alternatives, multiple options are available in WordPress in the form of themes and plugins so it helps you reduce the cost of the final website and help you get a quality website in a limited budget as well.

4. Why should I need custom development services if themes are available?

When you start your website, it should have a unique touch of your business. If you will use the theme as is then there will be many websites in the market that will have the same look, features and functionalities as your website because they might have used the same theme without any customization. It is advisable to customize the theme to give your website a new & fresh trendy look and make your website unique to make it memorable and distinctive from your competitors.

5. Why should you hire a WordPress expert to create your website?

It is always possible to research on your own but when you go with the expert WordPress service provider company, you will get a team of experts, and not just a single freelancer that calls himself/herself an expert, that has worked on multiple projects, they do have practical experience of the things that you have just read, they know the best themes and plugins available in the market to create your unique, highly optimized and conversion focused website.

Also, they can help you get the new plugins and functionalities that can enhance the performance of your website, will give a new look and feel to your website and can make your website user friendly without affecting the cost a lot. A good expert helps you create a website that can help you generate traffic and revenue like never before. 

6. What should you select 8therate for your next website?

We are a leading WordPress development services provider having inhouse expert WordPress developers and designers that keep them updated with each and every WordPress update and latest tread. Our team has created multiple themes, plugins and WordPress websites till now.

Once we get the website details, we analyze it thoroughly, check the competition, search for the best themes for your website. We don’t select the theme by ourselves but we sort list a few of the best themes and suggest it to you. We move ahead with the theme that you like the most.

We don’t allocate a single person for your website but we allocate an expert team of WordPress developer, designer, tester and project manager to make sure that everything is on track and also, we share with you time to time updates and keep you in a loop for each and every minor thing.

Final thought:

If you are a business owner and if you don’t have a website then it is the right time to start a website and start creating an online presence. WordPress is the best option to create a website in a pocket friendly budget so, in the initial phase, you will not need to invest a huge amount of money in your website. 

Initially, start with the basic functionalities and as your online business grows, I am sure it will, start enhancing your website as well. Let’s get in touch to create a new website and start expanding your business.