Tips for A WordPress Website Security

5 Tips for A WordPress Website Security (100% Tried & Tested)

Whether it’s a small business website or a giant e-commerce website, web security has become crucial nowadays. Especially if your website is built on an open-source framework like WordPress, you can’t miss a single aspect to protect your website from threats and hacks! Isn’t it?

According to a report, WordPress website development services have become the most common among other web design and development services in the IT market. Based on the above fact, our expert wordpress developers have gone through various ways of securing a WordPress website from vulnerabilities and threats.

Today, we are here with those 5 tried and tested tips you must follow if you own a WordPress website in 2022. Don’t miss them! 

5 Tips for Protecting Your WordPress Site in 2022:

#1. Don’t Forget to Update Core WordPress Software Version

WordPress releases software updates from time to time to let you improve the website performance. Along with upgrading the website’s performance, it also helps secure your website from vulnerable threats and malicious actions taken by suspicious attackers.

Thus, updating the WordPress version is the first aspect that every WordPress website owner must consider. It’s also a fact that today around 50% of the total number of WordPress websites run without updating to the latest version. It is one of the most crucial reasons why WordPress websites got affected by malicious activities.

Now, it’s time to check whether your WordPress website has been updated to the latest version or not. First, you need to go to the WordPress admin area and navigate to the Dashboard -> Updates from the left menu panel. If it shows that your website has not been updated so far, it’s highly recommended to update it as soon as possible.

Not only this, but we also recommend you continuously check the dates of future WordPress updates. It will prevent your website from running on outdated WordPress versions and keep it highly secure.

Apart from the core WordPress software updates, it’s also advisable to update the themes and plugins used in your website. Sometimes the conflict between old versioned WordPress themes and the latest updated core WordPress software has also been found in many cases. Ultimately, it leads to frequent security hacks!

#2. Go for Custom WordPress Development Services Instead of Built-In Themes/Plugins

WordPress is one of the most opted website development platforms, among others, as it lets you build a feature-rich website through built-in WordPress themes and plugins. A person with a non-tech background can also easily design and develop a ground-breaking website and web app using WordPress CMS due to this amazing functionality.

But wait, every good thing consists of a dark side, too! You must have heard about frequent cyber-attacks by hackers and spammers on WordPress websites. Reports find that the use of built-in WordPress themes and plugins is one of the primary reasons behind such negative aspects of the WordPress CMS.

The ready-to-use WordPress themes & plugins allow you to develop rich-featured websites easily and quickly; however, it may consist of fishy codes that are enough to collapse your entire website.

This is where custom WordPress development services stay ahead of the readymade and free WordPress themes and/or plugins. Customized WP solution builds a website from scratch, keeping the clients’ requirements in mind! Moreover, it lets you develop a remarkable website using a minimal number of plugins and tools.

Additionally, its entire coding is done by expert WordPress developers, making it completely free from vulnerable code that may easily allow hackers to interfere and crash your website.

All in all, it’s fully recommended to go with the customized WordPress solution instead of using readymade WP themes and plugins.

#3. Don’t Compromise Your WordPress Admin Panel’s Login Credentials.

Setting up the weak credentials of WordPress website admin panels is one of the common mistakes done by most WordPress users. It has been found that most people choose easy-to-guess usernames such as “admin,” “administrator,” “test,” etc., along with a fragile password that the hackers can easily break.

This is where the “Brute Force Attacks” take place. Attackers can easily succeed in hacking those websites that consist of weak login credentials. Thus, we recommend keeping your WP website admin credentials as strong as possible to protect them from malicious login attempts.

Also, don’t forget to design your website admin panel password in a way that is a mixture of symbols and alphanumeric values. Moreover, it has been found that a password having 12 characters or more is less risky of being cracked than others.

You can also use any strong password generator tools that you may easily find on Google or any other search engine!

#4. Always Go for The Trusted & Authorized WordPress Themes

The online market of nulled and unauthorized WordPress themes has exponentially grown along with the increasing popularity of WordPress CMS. Spammers sell such nulled themes and plugins at the lowest price, which may attract users to grab them fast.

Such nulled themes are generally offered by the spammers who hack the premium WordPress themes and plugins and inject some malicious codes and spammy links that allow such hackers to break your complete website without much effort.

As it’s illegal to distribute nulled WordPress themes and plugins, users don’t get any support once they get trapped in the complexity afterward. So ultimately, it will be up to you to fix such issues and secure the website entirely by yourself!

Thus, it’s highly recommended to purchase themes and plugins from their official repositories and/or theme marketplace, such as ThemeForest, where you will find endless premium WordPress themes of all categories.

#5. Eliminate All Extra & Unutilized WordPress Themes & Plugins

Removing unused themes and plugins from the WordPress website is one of the most crucial things you should not avoid to protect it from cyberattacks. Hackers and spammers can easily attack WordPress websites consisting of obsoleted and non-updated themes and plugins. Thus, keeping your WP website free from all such outdated resources is highly recommended!

Final Words:

Malicious and security attacks are common for a WordPress website due to its popularity. So, WordPress users have to keep themselves updated with the latest tips and tricks to secure their websites from such security hacks. However, there are ‘N’ number of ways to protect a WordPress website; we have listed 5 major solutions.

Moreover, protecting a WordPress site is a continuous process that takes time and effort both! This is where 8therate Infotech can assist you with the complete security of your WordPress websites or blogs. We have a team of experienced custom WordPress developers who take care of your 100% WordPress website security.

If you are looking for the best WordPress development company to ensure your WordPress website and/or security, 8therate Infotech can be your ultimate partner! Send your requisites to [email protected] to protect your website from highly risky and vulnerable sources!