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Why should you choose Laravel for your next website development project?

Nowadays, many companies prefer to develop their websites in PHP and Laravel, a PHP-based framework is the best choice for them for plenty of reasons. Many multi-national companies have opted for this framework as it simplifies many tasks and it is highly flexible. This article covers the reasons why laravel is the best for website development and how you can select the best laravel service provider to create your website. 

Almost all businesses are going online to increase their target market as in near future, you will be in a hard time if you are focusing on the only offline market. Many big companies are providing online services and they are delivering all items to buyer’s doorstep, including food items, in your area and it makes it tough for you to sell items (if not currently then it will surely make in near future.)

We know that it is complex to select the best framework when you have plenty of them available in the market. You just need to ask 4 questions to the laravel development company while finalizing a framework for your website

  1. Will I get a fast-loading website?
  2. Will It be able to create all the functionalities that I want in my website?
  3. Will my website be unique?
  4. Will my website be SEO Friendly?

If a framework fulfills all your requirement then it is the best framework for your requirement and you can ask our website development service provider to build our website in it.

A good laravel service provider can create a fast-loading, SEO-friendly website that covers all your required features at an affordable price. You will ask what about the ‘uniqueness’ of the website? Yes, that is what you need to keep in your mind while selecting a Laravel Development Services provider that they are providing the custom design to you and not the same design that they are selling as a ‘Clone’ or have already provided to many other clients. 

Have a look at the  few reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework

1. Easy to get started

There are many frameworks in the market but either they are paid or it is open-source you need to invest a lot of time in developing the website. If it is paid or your website development company needs to invest more time in development then ultimately it will affect the total website development cost, I.e. to you. But Laravel is open-source as well as it offers ‘libraries’  so developers will not need to write repetitive codes again and again and can create the website or web apps in a shorter time period. So, it saves your time as well as the cost.

2. SEO Friendly

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Whenever you are going for an online business, just a ‘Website’ will not be sufficient to boost your online business. To increase your brand awareness and online visibility, you need to make sure that your website is ‘SEO Friendly’.

A good Laravel Development Company can create your website by keeping all SEO aspects in their mind and can create an SEO-friendly website. An SEO-friendly website loads father when any user opens it and it affects the user experience positively. Apart from that, a good website helps your rank in google easily.

3. Traffic Handling Capacities

When you develop a website, your prime purpose will be of generating more and more traffic to our website. As traffic will bring you more users to your website and more users mean more business. 

As traffic increases, the load on hosting will increase and once a load will increase, you will need to upgrade your hosting. Hosting upgrade will be an additional expense and if you don’t upgrade it then it will make your website slow and it will affect the user experience negatively.

So, you need to select the framework that has the capability to create a website that can balance a load effectively and it is possible to create such websites in Laravel with the help of an automated message queue system and other features.

4. Highly Secure

Whenever you develop a website, you need to keep in mind 2 types of securities. 1) Website Security 2) Server Security. Server security depends on the server your choose however for website security, Laravel doesn’t entertain suspicious and malware activities on the website.  Laravel also protects your website from SQL injection. 

Apart from the above-mentioned details, Laravel provides the‘ Authentication and Authorization’ facility. With the help of Authentication, a system can decide whether the user is real or not, and via Authorization, a system can check if a user has access to specific settings, permissions, or not. No framework is 100% secure but Laravel is the most secure framework as it has a decent range of security features that help to make the website secure and protects it from attacks.

5. Easy to create API

Whenever you plan to create apps or want to give details of the website to other platforms without giving access to your admin panel or database, API (Application Programming Interface) helps you the most. With the help of  Laravel API development, you can get developed API with any types of complexity and as it is easy to create API with Laravel, it saves lots of API development time and ultimately, it will reduce the cost.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know that Laravel is one of the best frameworks for website development. Whenever you start a website, keep in mind that the website is the direct way to build a strong relationship with your prospects & customers. Your online presence can help you generate revenue that is not possible with just covering the offline market.
At 8therate, we offer complete solutions from website and app development to SEO and Digital Marketing to create your online unbeatable presence. Let’s get in touch with us for site development services and get your highly secured and fast-loading website developed in Laravel at an affordable Price.