Top 8 WordPress Development Trends for 2022

WordPress is always at the topmost priority in the web developers’ community when it comes to web development. If we check out some facts, WordPress powers around more than 30% of top-notch one million websites. The easy-to-use drag and drop functionalities in WordPress have made this web development platform the most preferred one among others. Apart from that, a huge library of ready-to-use and fully customizable themes and plugins is one of the reasons why custom WordPress development services are booming in the market.

Considering the increasing popularity of WordPress, we have brought five top-notch trends of WordPress development that will definitely let you feel the true power of this platform. So, let’s get started!

8 Booming Trends of WordPress Development in 2022

1. Drag & Drop Mechanism

However, nothing can overcome the custom-developed website; the drag and drop mechanism offers the new developers the best opportunity to develop fully-functional WordPress websites without writing a single line of code.

Today one may find plenty of WordPress plugins for drag and drop functionality where Divi and Elementor are the most popular in the WordPress developers community. Such easy-to-use drag and drop plugins let the developers and users check how their WordPress website will look.

2. WordPress Trends For E-Commerce

WordPress is like a boon web development platform for the developers to develop feature-rich E-commerce websites and web applications. WooCommerce WordPress plugin is the true asset that allows you to bring your envisioned E-commerce website to reality easily in no time.

Along with website development, WooCommerce also assists you in making your E-Commerce website SEO-friendly. The outstanding features like effortless payment gateways, smooth inventory management, various marketing elements, etc., have prioritized the WooCommerce based websites when developing E-Commerce websites.

Due to the best-in-class features of WooCommerce, WordPress is still one of the first choices for online store development.

3. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is one of the most used future technologies that aim to flourish in 2022! It is one of the reasons why the entire tech era has reached the next level. AR plays a massive role in making an online store more and more rich-featured by providing customers a stunning and highly functional look at the products.

For example, an online paint store can make its E-commerce website more functional by adding an AR plugin. Such a plugin may allow users to upload their room pictures and change the wall colors, adjust lighting, and a lot more. Ultimately, users can easily find the best wall color and decor ideas. Thus, WordPress is booming with increasing AR-based plugins and widgets.

4. Voice Search

Voice search has been one of the fast-growing technology in the last few years. The expanding usage of Siri, Alexa, etc., is actual proof prevailing in the current market. Voice search has become the primary trend nowadays, and WordPress is also not behind in offering voice search functionality to its users.

Using the WordPress plugins, one can easily extend their website functionality with the best voice search facility to the end-users or customers. Moreover, as WordPress’s core software is SEO friendly, it also assists you in optimizing your website for voice search efficiently.

5. Large Companies Rely on WordPress

However, WordPress is the most commonly adopted content management system used by ‘N’ number of blogs on the internet; large-scale companies are also not behind to adopt WordPress as their web development platform. Today, we may find plenty of big companies that rely upon WordPress to power their online identity. Below is the list of some well-known companies whose websites are powered by WordPress:

  • Sony Music
  • TechCrunch
  • The Next Web
  • CNN Press Room
  • Time Magazine
  • Disney Books

6. Chatbot Integration

Along with technological advancement, the demand for user-friendly websites and web applications have emerged expeditiously. Today, chatbot integration with Artificial Intelligence has become the most necessary part of any website. Chatbots are working just like humans due to AI advancement. Due to its enormous advantages, chatbot integration has become one of the most quickly emerging trends in 2022.

7. Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Progressive web apps are also one of the most emerging trends in WordPress development for 2022. Such web applications work just like the native applications that are not required to download. If you want to develop PWA apps manually, it will ask for the knowledge of common web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and other similar kinds of technologies. However, WordPress also allows you to easily create such applications through ready-to-use WordPress plugins like Super Progressive Web Apps and others.

8. Blockchain Technology

If you are running an ecommerce store, you may face the issue of payment acceptance mode in some countries or territories. However, blockchain technology is a boon that lets you resolve such issues quickly and efficiently. Nowadays, many countries have already adopted the cryptocurrency concept to remove all hindrances one might face when accepting online payments. Due to its increased popularity, there are ‘N’ number of WordPress plugins assisting you with payment acceptance through cryptocurrency.


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