Google Web Story – A Comprehensive Guide For Marketers

Hey, have you heard about Google web story? If yes, it’s fantastic and if your answer is ‘no’, this guide is for you! We are here with the complete guide on Google web stories, its examples, how to set up a web story in a WordPress website using its WordPress Plugin, and a lot more.

Storytelling is not a new concept. Lots of applications have already been endowed with this amazing feature. Isn’t it? So, today we will find how web stories by Google have taken the visual storytelling world to the next level.

What Are Google Web Stories

Initially, Google launched the concept of AMP stories in 2018. Google web story is an extended version of AMP stories. It’s a free and open-source visual storytelling mechanism that allows you to present your content in a swipeable format.

You might have already visited Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, etc. The web stories are just like those but with extended control and customization features. The best thing about web stories by Google is it provides full control over your content.

Moreover, one can integrate web stories on social media platforms and the website. You will be amazed knowing that it’s easy to create and publish web stories on the WordPress platform. Google itself has developed and launched Google web stories WordPress Plugin to create and publish web stories easily.

Sounds interesting, right?

Perks of Google Web Stories:

1. New & Advanced Concept

Web Stories By Google is a novice concept that lets you easily meet the current competitive requirements. Moreover, as it’s a new marketing technique, it gives you an added advantage and one can easily outrank his competitors by creating and presenting engaging web stories.

2. Highest User Engagement

Web stories are the most attentive ways to showcase your content before the users. It has been witnessed that people love to watch fast-loading, short and amusing content presented in the form of stories. The massive success of WhatsApp stories, Facebook stories, etc is their realistic proof!

3. Easy to Create & Share

Web stories are as easy as creating stories on other social media platforms. It’s very easy to make your Google web stories by applying little tweaks and tips. As a result, you can outrank your competitors easily with the remarkable and most engaging web stories. Moreover, your social media can also be powered up with the best-in-class web stories as it’s easy to share and link to other platforms.

Why Web Stories?

Google’s web story feature has the power to let your brand outrank in the stiff competition. Let’s explore the key reasons why you should embrace this amazing feature in your marketing campaign.

Engaging Content Creation:

The web story is the perfect way to create and present your content in the most eye-catchy way that engages users’ attention that no other content format lets you achieve.

Flexibility & Control:

You will get complete freedom and control over the content and branding. It offers amazing templates, superior UI control, and easy-to-use components.

Easy to Share & Link:

Web stories are easy to share and embed in websites and apps. In addition, it’s very flexible to link to other platforms without being restricted to a particular one, so your one story can engage users from multiple platforms.

Easy to Track:

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, it is easy to analyze details related to stories as it supports analytics and has the capability of monetization by using affiliate links. 

Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin

Integrating Google web stories in the WordPress website has become seamless with the remarkable WordPress plugin launched by Google itself. Initially, Google launched the beta version of this WP plugin in 2020. 

Web Stories By Google WordPress plugin is free to download and install in your WordPress dashboard. Either you can install that plugin or you can ask your WordPress development services provider to install it on your Website. After its installation, you can easily integrate Google stories with your WordPress website. The Google web story has been designed with the mobile view to work perfectly fine on mobile devices. 

Google Web Story is similar to other website or app stories and promoters can create and add stories directly to their WordPress website and do not need to use any third-party application. 

Each Google web story has a separate URL, so it helps marketers in SEO as well and when it meets certain criteria, businesses can create more engaging content that helps them to rank higher in Google. 

Steps to create Google Web Stories on WordPress sites?

A complete Web Stories editor is a part of Google’s web stories WordPress plugin, so it makes you feel like you are creating stories with the help of a powerful photo editing tool or a page builder. In addition, it lets you create modern, rich and elegant web stories from your admin login area itself.

Let’s go through the process step by step

Plugin Installation

It is a WordPress plugin, so you or custom wordpress development service provider can install it in the same way as other WordPress plugins. Just Go to Dashboard > Plugins> Add New. Then, search the plugin, install it and activate it.

Setup Plugin

After successfully installing a plugin, Go to Stories > Editor Settings and upload the logo you would like to add to your stories and add Google Analytics tracking ID.

Time to create the first story

You will have 2 options. 1) Create Google Web Story from Scratch 2) Kickstart it by choosing any readymade templates. Then, click on ‘Create New Story’ in ‘Stories’ to create a new story.

Want to use readymade templates? Go to Stories > Explore templates. You will get the ‘Use Template’ button when you mouse hover any of the templates. Just click on ‘Use Template,’ and it’s done.

Choose or Update Background Colour

If you want to have a background color, you can choose it according to your requirement. To set a color, see the option below the ‘Page’ title on the right side of your screen and pick a color of your choice.

Add Images, Videos, Shapes and Text

By clicking on ‘Text Icon’ available on the left top section of the screen, you can add text to your story. You can update the text design as well. 

You can also add videos and images from your system or select one from the library and customize it using available options. 

Want to add shapes? You can also do it. 

Delete and Duplicate or add a new page

You can duplicate the created page, delete the page, or add a new page.

Your story is ready to publish

Add Publisher Logo

Cover Image

Web Story Excerpt

choose a permalink for your web story And publish it to the world!


Google Web Stories is free and helps you create rich, eye-catchy and engaging content without any timing limitation or limiting it to certain platforms. If you want to increase of online presence, then you should give it a try by installing it by yourself or you can ask you custom website development services provider to install it to your website.