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3 Reasons to choose WordPress development services for your business website

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught an important lesson to the business world that migrating enterprise operations online is a wise decision to sustain in this cutthroat competitive world. Businesses from almost every sector have started shifting to online as you can not only rely on the traditional business method in the 21st century. Enterprises have started designing and developing their business websites in order to recover the loss they experienced during the epidemic lockdown. 

For the last couple of years, the trend of wordpress development services has increased significantly. The primary reason to choose this platform is the fast development timeline. Apart from that, you can make a website that looks highly intuitive and can add functionalities as per your need as and when required. A study conducted shows that almost 40% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

The best content management system, WordPress, was launched in 2003, and it was majorly used to develop blogs and small businesses initially. But, now website developers are using this platform to develop almost all types of websites for every industry. WordPress offers the latest updates frequently, which help custom WordPress development services company to keep their website future-ready and secure. 

What type of websites can you create using WordPress development services?

  • Business website
  • Blog or personal website
  • Job board
  • eCommerce
  • Question & Answer website
  • Portfolio website
  • Online Communities and many more

Top 3 reasons why WordPress eCommerce development services are best for your business

1. Ocean of plugins to enhance eCommerce functionality:

The primary importance of developing an eCommerce website using WordPress is that it offers an ocean of plugins to choose from. In simple words, plugins help developers craft a website that has complete functions you will need for your eCommerce website. It has an ocean of eCommerce-focused plugins that will help you to sell products on your site. WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins which is specially designed for eCommerce website development purposes. Programmers use this plugin to:

  • Design attractive storefronts
  • Enhance pages for search engines
  • Customize product pages
  • Calculate sales tax easily

2. Flexible product and inventory management:

You can leverage the WordPress platform to develop web stores to sell digital and physical products globally. It provides hundreds and thousands of theme options that help developers to develop a custom eCommerce website without much effort and that too at an affordable rate. The WooCommerce plugin streamlines inventory management by offering a WordPress-centric UI. Businesses can use this UI to keep track of the current stock and manage inventory daily.

3. Built-in Analytics Support:

Almost every business today uses analytics to manage visitors’ activities to observe customer behavior and collect data. All eCommerce platforms enable companies to incorporate third-party web analytics tools and services. On the contrary, using WordPress for eCommerce development, companies from all sectors can leverage powerful built-in analytics extensions to streamline their analytics on the customer data. Some extensions use Universal Analytics to keep a track of basic information related to users, events, and sessions. In the same way, they use Enhanced eCommerce Analytics to gather important data such as product views and shopping cart actions. 


Developing an eCommerce website for your business is a critical step into the huge online marketplace. You will need a storefront that is eye-catchy, professional, delivers customers what they are looking for, and operates without any human intervention. That’s where custom WordPress development services company like 8therate come in. It has been in the market for the last 4 years and helped hundreds of businesses in migrating online with its unmatchable Commerce website development service. 

Lets’ get in touch and kickstart a website that makes you stand out from the competition.